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Introducing Google Ads Editor 2.5

Feeling overwhelmed by spreadsheets and endless tabs in your Google Ads account? You’re not alone, my friend. Managing a mammoth campaign can be like herding cats in a digital blizzard. But fear not, weary warrior, for a mighty hero has arrived: Google Ads Editor 2.5.

Google Ads

Think of Editor as your Swiss Army knife for managing behemoth campaigns. It lets you wield bulk edits with the precision of a ninja, slashing through repetitive tasks and conquering mountains of changes in seconds. No more tedious clicking and copying – just whip out your editorly lasso and corral those settings, keywords, and ads like the digital rodeo master you are.

But hold on, 2.5 isn’t just about speed. It’s packed with new weapons in its arsenal, ready to supercharge your campaigns:

  • App Install Ads with Deep Links: Dive deeper into your app’s world with deep links! Lead users straight to specific sections of your app, boosting engagement and conversions.
  • Automatic Ad Strength Assets: Let the AI work its magic! Editor now automatically creates assets based on your existing content, giving your ad strength a much-needed boost.
  • Discovery Product Ad Upgrades: Spice up your Discovery product ads with additional fields like videos, long headlines, and paths. More visual storytelling leads to more clicks, right?
  • In-Feed Video Ads: Make Discovery campaigns even more dynamic with in-feed video ads! Capture attention and tell your brand story in a way that static images just can’t.
  • Campaign-Level Broad Match: Want to unleash the power of broad match without sacrificing control? Editor’s got your back! Set it at the campaign level and say goodbye to individual keyword headaches.
Google Ads campaign

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, friends! Editor 2.5 has a treasure trove of new features at your disposal:

  • Video View Campaigns: Master the art of video advertising with dedicated support for Video view campaigns.
  • Search Themes for Performance Max: Guide Google AI towards your campaign goals with search themes, ensuring your Performance Max campaigns hit the bullseye.
  • Replace Text Tool: Tired of repetitive edits? Say “hasta la vista” to manual changes with the Replace Text tool for product groups!
  • Device Targeting in Discovery: Tailor your message to specific devices for maximum impact in Discovery campaigns. 
  • Ad Format Controls for Video Reach: Take control of your Video reach campaigns with granular ad format control.
  • Location and Language Targeting at Ad Group Level: Get hyper-specific with location and language targeting at the ad group level for Demand Gen campaigns.
Google ads search terms

With this arsenal of new features, Google Ads Editor 2.5 isn’t just a tool – it’s a revolution. So, ditch the spreadsheet fatigue, embrace the bulk-editing bliss, and watch your big Google Ads account transform into a lean, mean, conversion machine. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, so wield Editor wisely and conquer those campaigns like the digital marketing maestro you are!

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