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Master Facebook & Instagram Advertising and grow any business! You can avoid the common reasons businesses fail with Facebook ads by learning the ins & outs of the platform and how to run effective campaigns that produce results!


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Earn a certificate upon completion.

100% Online Courses

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Flexible Schedule

Start the course when you want. Continue where you left off on your own time, on both mobile or desktop!

Beginner Level

No degree or prior experience required. Enthusiasm for social media and basic internet navigation skills are required as well as a meta account

What You Get
When You Buy This Course:

Download Your Free eBook On How To Create Facebook Ads That Convert!

Are You Wasting Time & Money on Facebook Ads?

Not using the right objectives means you are going to be wasting money on results you don’t want
Your pixel not setup properly means you can’t track results, optimize, or let the algorithm find you results
Not creating powerful ads means you are wasting budget on people who aren’t even willing to click on your ad
Not retargeting your users correctly means that you’re not capturing the cheapest leads and sales available to you
Not understanding all the metrics means you are not making data driven decisions and leaving money on the table
Not properly testing your ads and other elements means you are not giving yourself a chance to improve performance

Stop wasting your time and money and start seeing results today!

What You'll Learn In The Course

Grow Your Business

Learn how to use Facebook Ads to drive valuable actions like leads and sales. Improve your lead quality and cost per lead to get more results for your budget.  Learn tips and tricks that actually get results.

Learning The Foundation

Learn exactly how to create powerful ads. Correctly structure your campaigns so they can actually perform and be optimized. Set up your Facebook pixel to track important events for your business. Understand how the algorithm works, all the important settings, and much more!

Avoid Common Mistakes

After seeing lots of ad accounts, you start to see many of the same mistakes being made across many advertisers.  Now you can avoid wasting your time & money by learning about them beforehand!

Mariana Lange
Mariana Lange
We hired Josh to help me set up and manage our Facebook and Google Ads through his Ads Tutor 12 week program. Josh is very knowledgeable and an extremely good tutor. He helped me have a better understanding of how to build our campaigns, how to target the right people, how to give them the right message. And most importantly, he is helping us get new customers. I highly recommend hiring him regardless of the size of your business. Whether you are a small or large business, he knows his stuff. 10/10 recommend
Leslie Huffer
Leslie Huffer
I cannot put into words how much Josh helped me grow in my ability to manage Google ads! I started out with a small understanding of how Google ads worked, but over the course of our tutoring, I grew in my confidence in managing ads campaigns of all sizes. He taught everything step by step in a way that made sense and got results. Not only am I now able to set up ads independently, but I am able to optimize the ads...saving money and getting better results! Tutoring with Josh was worth every penny! Cannot recommend enough!
Chris C
Chris C
Great service for a neophyte like me. Probably great for those with more knowledge as well.
Kellan Vincent
Kellan Vincent
After managing my PPC marketing for nearly 10 years myself across two businesses, I decided to start looking for other options. Outsourcing someone to take over the task proved to be expensive and performance targets were always vague. In my first discussion with Josh at TheAdsTutor, I knew that the "teach a person to fish" would be the best fit for me and my companies. After beginning with Josh, I quickly realized that there was a lot under the hood that I was unaware of. Josh patiently walked me through the various steps and methods to test as well helped shape some of my branding message. Both of my companies are niche and we struggle to get in front of the correct audience through PPC (Google, FB) but Josh helped us devise strategies to accomplish that and all of our metrics have greatly improved. We essentially went from 1/10 leads being quality to 6/10 over the course of 4 months. I can confidently say that the new skills I gained through working with TheAdsTutor will help shape the marketing funnels for my businesses for several years to come. Thank you Josh and TheAdsTutor team! I look forward to working with you more in the future!
Adam Schildt
Adam Schildt
It was a pleasure working with Josh. I came in with little knowledge of PPC and left feeling confident in my ability to make recommendations to our teams. The hands on training strategy was intimidating at first but it allowed me to learn the ins and outs much quicker than I would have had I simply sat back and taken notes. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!
Lauren Hurst
Lauren Hurst
PPC was not my forte and was so confusing to me at first but Josh made it really easy to learn how to navigate it all without it feeling overwhelming. He was very knowledgeable about what Google would specifically be looking for while creating ads or keywords and did a great job answering all of our questions. I now feel like a Google PPC pro thanks to his one-on-one tutoring!
Michelle Rockwood
Michelle Rockwood
Josh is great to work with and is patient and takes it step by step. Learning Facebook ads is tough and he helps you cut through the noise when I hired him as my Facebook Ads tutor. I felt so confident after working with him...I got amazing results. My email list grew by over 1K and I was getting opt-ins for 50 cents. I now recommend him to my clients.
Michelle Breyer
Michelle Breyer
Josh has been such an amazing, patient teacher for a person who is not tech savvy at all. He guided me through all the details of digital marketing in a way that really helped me understand. And the most important thing is that we could show results from the ads. When I tried to set them up myself, I had no idea if something was working or not. I would definitely recommend him.
Glen Kohn
Glen Kohn
I have worked with Josh for several weeks now and I couldn't be happier. He's has completely optimized my google and Facebooks campaign's, but more importantly he has made it very easy to understand the entire process. I highly recommend him for all your social marketing needs! -Glen
Brooke Nuber
Brooke Nuber
Josh was an excellent tutor. I very much enjoyed his one-on-one Google Advertising consulting/tutoring because I could skip the parts I already understood and dig into the pieces I wanted to know more about. He taught me a bunch of tricks to monitor the success of my advertising and even had some time to show me a little of Instagram too. He was also able to help me understand how leverage information about my product in different ways to create even better ads. He was also very responsive and flexible with my schedule (which is usually pretty nuts!), and patient. I would recommend these services to anyone looking to understand Google Pay-Per-Click and Instagram advertising.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Correctly structure Facebook Ad campaigns to maximize success
  • Identify the major components & elements of a successful ad
  • Build high performing ads that align with your marketing objectives and target it to your intended audience
  • Optimize and improve your performance
  • Edit and troubleshoot your ads in Facebook Ads Manager
  • Understand the tips and tricks experts use to get the best performance possible!

This course is intended for people who want to learn how to use Facebook Ads Manager to create, manage and optimize campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to drive leads and sales. This course is not intented for eCommerce-only strategies like dynamic product ads and product feeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Facebook Ads Mastery Course is effective for all advertisers, from beginner to advanced. While it delves into advanced campaign structures and optimization techniques, it also lays a solid foundation with modules on campaign fundamentals and core strategies.

Not at all. This course is designed to be equally impactful for businesses at any stage, regardless of their existing audience size. I delve into a diverse range of Facebook advertising strategies suitable for businesses with large established followings, those just starting out, and everything in between.

Yes! The Facebook Ads Mastery course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, simply send The Ads Tutor team an email within 30 days, and we'll process your refund with no questions asked.

Absolutely! The Facebook Ads Mastery Course can change very quickly. I’m continually updating and adding to the course material. Buy and get lifetime access to everything, including all future updates.

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