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Master Facebook & Instagram Advertising and grow any business!  You can avoid the common reasons businesses fail with Facebook ads by learning the ins & outs of the platform and how to run effective campaigns that produce results!
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Are You Wasting Time & Money on Facebook Ads?

Not using the right objectives means you are going to be wasting money on results you don't want
Your pixel not setup properly means you can't track results, optimize, or let the algorithm find you results
Not creating powerful ads means you are wasting budget on people who aren't even willing to click on your ad
Not retargeting your users correctly means that you're not capturing the cheapest leads and sales available to you
Not understanding all the metrics means you are not making data driven decisions and leaving money on the table
Not properly testing your ads and other elements means you are not giving yourself a chance to improve performance

Stop wasting your time and money and start seeing results today!
What You'll Learn In The Course
Planting a Seed of Savings

Grow Your Business

Learn how to use Facebook Ads to drive valuable actions like leads and sales. Improve your lead quality and cost per lead to get more results for your budget.  Learn tips and tricks that actually get results.

Learning The Foundation

Learn exactly how to create powerful ads.  Correctly structure your campaigns so they can actually perform and be optimized.  Set up your Facebook pixel to track important events for your business.  Understand how the algorithm works, all the important settings, and much more!


Avoid Common Mistakes

After seeing lots of ad accounts, you start to see many of the same mistakes being made across many advertisers.  Now you can avoid wasting your time & money by learning about them beforehand!

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By the end of this course, you will be able to: 

• Correctly structure campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager 

• Identify the major components & elements of a successful ad 

• Build an ad that aligns with your marketing objectives and target it to your intended audience

• Set a budget, placement, and strategy for your ads 

• Optimize and improve your performance

• Edit and troubleshoot your ads in Facebook Ads Manager 

• Understand the tips and tricks experts use to get the best performance possible!

This course is intended for people who want to learn how to use Facebook Ads Manager to create, manage and optimize campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to drive leads and sales. This course is not intented for eCommerce-only strategies like dynamic product ads and product feeds.