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Live group tutoring means:

  • We go over a specific issue that comes up frequently on live video so you can see step by step how to accomplish your goals
  • You get to pick and & choose only the issues you need help with so you can get passed your hurdles quickly
  • Group video calls 30 min. or until every question is answered so you leave your lunch break with a full understanding of the topic
  • Get the recording after the call is over so you can reference what you learned forever

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How to setup a powerful retargeting campaign

Tuesdays at 1pm EST  –  $29

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How to create Lead Generation Ads

Wednesdays at 1pm EST  –  $29

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How to improve your landing page

Fridays at 1pm EST  –  $29

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Watch live as I show you how to set these up step-by-step and answer your questions!  I even send you the recording after our session so that you can reference it forever.