Facebook Ads For eCommerce Part 4: How To Scale Your Ads

Scaling Facebook Ads

Have you gotten to a good place with Facebook Ads, but now wanting to take them to the next level?  It’s not easy to scale your Facebook ads and keep the same success you were seeing.  But with continued testing and the help of these tips, you can learn how to grow your Facebook campaigns profitably.

Vertical Scaling

Once you’ve got some ads that are working well, you’ll want to start scaling.  This is a slow process, because usually as you scale up, performance starts to dip.  That’s why it’s important to keep testing new ads and new audiences throughout all your campaigns, and at all times.  

One thing to keep in mind, is that Facebook’s algorithm has reached it’s learnings once it has driven 50 purchases in a week for any given ad set, so your cost per conversion will become more stable if you can reach that status.  Sometimes, it is very expensive to hit that in 1 adset, but as you start to scale, be cognizant that you should see better results if you can get there.  That’s why you should start trying to scale your best performing ad set first.  That keeps things simple, and allows for the best chance of hitting the learnings.  

You might be tempted to increase your budget by a lot, especially if you’re seeing great performance.  However, increasing your budget by more than 20% in one day restarts learnings, and is a big jump, so usually I try to stay below that 20% change, especially after hitting learnings.  Start off slow, maybe increasing by 5-10% per day.  That way you can see if there are any changes in performance.  You can continue to raise budgets on this ad set every day or two until you have reached your desired spend level for his ad set.

Horizontal Scaling

Another great way to scale, is by creating new audiences.  It’s important to get more than one ad set performing well in case one of them decides to suddenly drop in performance.  You can do this by creating new lookalike audiences.  If you have a 1% lookalike of buyers, try a 2% lookalike of buyers.  

You can also try a 1% lookalike of other bottom of the funnel audiences, such as add to cart users, users who imitated checkout, etc.  Then you can work your way up the funnel with lookalikes of page likers, ad engagers and other similarly interested audiences.  You can also try other interest audiences that sound relevant to your products.  Bigger audiences can actually help performance because it gives Facebook more room to find your potential buyers.

More Tips For Scaling Your Ads

Keep testing new ads.  Maybe you’re not hitting your goal in a certain ad set in a way that allows you to scale.  After a while that audience can get tired of your ads.  Not only that, but testing new creative allows you to find one that speaks even better to your audience, allowing you to scale.  Finding that perfect ad that clicks with your audience can be tough, and takes lots of testing, but is worth it when you find it!

Facebook Audience Insights

Last but not least, take a look at the Facebook Audience Insights.  This is a valuable tool that shows you tons of data on the users who you are targeting in your audiences.  You can see things like gender, income levels, relationship status, lifestyle interests, and much more.  This allows you to see the other things your audience is interested in, and gives you new ways to target them.  Start testing some of these with new copy and creative ideas to see what works the best.

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